Michelle Vega

Owner: Color Wave Studio
Master Stylist & Professional Make-up Artist

Color Wave Studio is an opportunity to continue this journey in style and beauty in my own personal environment. The looks and styles I craft for my clients are just as satisfying for them as it is for me, being able to channel creativity and ideas into reality is an amazing part of this experience. I study techniques and trends in make-up and hair so I can always deliver the highest quality looks and maintain the high standard I have for my work. You can find me dropping in for key workshops to make sure I’m always on top of the latest innovations.

I’m humbled by the trust and continued support my clients share with me, I always work to envision the potential of my clients each time they visit to match their moods, life changes, and goals. From a styling session to make-up needs as they take on life’s big moments.

You can always follow my story through the Color Wave Studio Instagram or my YouTube channel to learn more.



About the Studio

Color Wave Studio aims to bring your style to new levels. When you visit the salon, it’s our goal to create memorable moments with skills to help you feel like your best self. Creating custom hairstyles, colors, and makeup looks tailored to bring your best features out. We want you to feel refreshed and amazing each time you visit, from a basic cut to a complete makeover. It’s about you and making each trip feel like an overdue retreat.

With years of experience in commercial and private salons, we have the skills to help make style visions and hopes come to reality. We all want to feel like our best selves each day, let us do that and help you shine.

Our salon provides comforts to all clients, providing a relaxing ambiance, entertainment, and comfortable space to enjoy. Located in the Studio Salon Suites at Dos Lagos, there’s a casual vibe to enjoy beyond your salon trip. With shops, restaurants, and entertainment around all corners, it’s more than just a short getaway.

Dos Lagos lakeside at night