Color Wave Studio thrives to provide a great environment for clients, while understandable that things do happen, policies are in place to help keep everyone in the loop, and any actions needed are handled within a reasonable timeframe.


Correction Policy

Color Corrections are sometimes needed, but to address them in a timely manner all corrections need to be handled within 7 business days. As time goes on, color fades, and matching a style properly falls outside of a correction and into a complete redo of the hair. If you can’t make it back within 7 days, reach out and see if any exception can be made with a short extension of time. It’s not guaranteed and all situations are on a case by case basis.



All cancellations must be handled 24 hours prior to the appointment, this allows time for rebooking and scheduling so that your session time isn’t spent wondering what happened and if you’ll arrive. Things do come up so always call as soon as you realize you can’t make it. Failure to cancel in time will result in 50% of the booked service owed.



Traffic happens, and life happens. Up to 20mins are allowed for delays in arrivals, this is an appointment often made further out in advance so do your best to plan around it so others don’t have their appointments pushed back or rescheduled trying to make room. Failure to show up in time may result in a cancellation of your appointment or unfinished services to avoid major delays to other customers.


No Call, No Show

We always ask for some courtesy with your appointments, no updates and not showing will result in 100% of the service booked owed for failure to attempt to reach out.


If you have questions please reach out to us, we feel these are fair requests that aren’t out of the ordinary, we issue notices via SMS to confirm appointments as well to minimize the chance of these incidents. We strive for a stable and consistent experience and environment for all our clients.